Chapter 13

Dear Father,

I have so many things to be thankful for. I want to take this time to tell you thank you. You have never left my side at my highest moments and at my lowest. You have given me all the strength that I ever needed to get through all the crazy things that this world throws at me. I know that through you all things are possible.

I still struggle with somethings that are still within. Like who I am. I know who I am within you. I know that I am cherished and Loved by you, You literally think that I am to die for. That really humbles me. I want to thank you for all the comfort you give me when I am crying inside and outside. Not people may understand my relationship you and I am practicing to be more accepting that they don’t understand. You told me that there would be a lot people who would attack me because of my love for you. I see that more now than ever. I do pray that one day they too can turn their hearts to you and feel what I feel.

I know that you are not everyone’s cup of tea but you are mine for sure. I am so grateful that I have the guidance from the Holy Spirit. He is super helpful although I don’t always follow exactly what is asked of me. I am only human and I will often ask for forgiveness. I am just a human being. I at times act in my flesh and I feel awful for that because you only want the best for me. 

It’s been a struggle lately to get words completed onto this page everyday. I have words and can’t seem to finalize anything. Why is this so difficult now? Father, I am handing this over to you and seek only your guidance for my life, my writing my everything. I surrender all things to you. I know you have something in store for me. I am realizing that I just have to do the work. I love doing the work because I am honoring you in all that I do. 

Father, I just love you. And you know what? I know you love me too. You’re so faithful to me! You’re so forgiving! You show me Perfect love. You’re timing is always perfect. You had shown me a small glimpse of what’s to come and I am thrilled about getting there. But you know what makes that so exciting for me?

I get to meet the woman you’ve wanted me to become. I will have helped people along the way because of you! I will be able to start new adventures because of you. Being human can be very hard in this world. 

People expect me to be something I am not. I am learning to use my voice again Father. That is scary but I hear you and all your encouragement I know I am doing the right thing. 

Anyway I just wanted you to know Father and you are a part of all my being and how much I wished people would get to know you. You’re pretty amazing. I know I have work still left to do. I know that I will always have work to do while I am here but I know you’re right beside me. 


Author: Krissy

I enjoy telling stories. I enjoy writing. It has always been my passion. I love that I get to share with you. Comments are always welcomed.

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