Who Me?

About me, why does this seem to be the hardest thing for me. I think that even to myself I am a mystery. I can surprise myself sometimes. All jokes aside, I am a small town gal who loves to write. Even though I am pretty confident in who I am I still don’t have the slightest idea how to describe who I am, but I will give a go …. I am funny, I am a Mom, I am a writer, I see the world through different goggles, I am a total nerd. I am also a geek. I love my church. I am strong. I enjoy long comic book movies, and comfy blankets. I love my doggies. I love God.

My hope is that you get to know me through my words. I hope that we can travel through life together and all the wondrous seasons.

Why does doing a small bio about you seem like a opener to a dating profile? Oh if you guys could only hear the tone in which I am speaking, maybe you’d be laughing right along with me.

Like ” Hi, my name is Kristal. I enjoy long walks through life and lots of love.” I don’t know. haha I wasn’t ever good at those either.